Women Only Gyms and Gender Equality

What do you guys think?

Chapter TK

Recently, I’ve looking into a gym around here called Blast Fitness. What makes this gym different is the women’s only section.

Within the women’s locker room, there is a homey room of free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment and floor mats. I never thought of a women’s only section as being a benefit, but I had to try it out. I’m not going to lie, that section is the reason I will join Blast.

A nagging developed in the back of my head once I came to this conclusion. I wondered if it was equal to have a women’s only section without one for men and if it was somewhat sexist  to prefer the women’s only gym.

I had a long discussion with a coworker on this issue through which few answers were gained. What it came down to was the needs and/or demands of women which may differ from men and the different reasons…

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