Don’t worry, because I am so totally on top of my child’s health.

Read and try not to split open your sides. 😛 I dare you! 😀

The Ugly Volvo

I try to be careful with my son’s health.

Not crazily “I Purell my lips when I kiss him” careful, but careful, regardless.  It is hard, sometimes, not to immediately assume the worst when things go wrong.  The other day he coughed and 85% of my brain went, “All children get sick and cough!” but 15% of my brain had, within seconds, summoned scenes from every movie in which a character is dying of tuberculosis.

This happens all the time.  On discovering a small circular red mark on his leg, my first thought was, “This is probably nothing,” which was immediately followed by the thought, “It is possibly the Ebola virus and by this point we are all living on borrowed time.

He is not yet walking and while part of me is positive that he’s just nervous about taking those first, uncertain steps, I am…

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