No one EVER notices… do they?

Its one of those days.

A Monday.

You are already sleep deprived and now you’ve got to get up and go somewhere… and do… something. So you drag yourself out of bed. You stumble around your house. Get coffee. Find clothes. Do anything to that “bird’s nest” pile of hair to make it at least semi-presentable. Get your things together. Get into the car. Then you remember that you forgot something. Jog back into the house. AFTER fumbling with the lock on your door. Find that thing you forgot. Now you’ve gotta pee. And you realize you didn’t brush your teeth this morning. So you swish around some mouthwash. And if its Listerine, you start to cry. Cause it burns your face off. Finally, you’re in the car. You’re all ready. The house is locked. You didn’t forget anything. You break into a smile and think: “Hey! Maybe this day won’t be so bad. Maybe things will even out once the day starts rolling!”


You get to work (or school) and everyone has got their own agenda. They fly past you. They jostle you. They mumble something that could be taken as a vague greeting. And you some how make it through alive. You are wearing new clothes and new shoes. You got a hair cut on Sunday. You’ve recently dropped a few pounds. Your teeth are dazzling like diamonds. Your breath smells like Listerine (with a tinge of blood… from your face burning off)

And as usual?

No one notices. Not a word. Not a peep. Not even a glace in your direction. “Oh cool!” You think. “I’m the invisible                  !!!!!”(insert gender) And you quietly sit down.

And it is. As usual.

A Monday.


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