20 Amazing J.R.R. Tolkien-Inspired Tattoos



If tried to sweet talk your way into a sold-out screening of The Hobbit over the weekend, then you might not be surprised to hear that there are a ton of hardcore J.R.R. Tolkien fans out there. What we imagine might surprise you is how many of those fans, secretly tucked away under all of those layers of winter clothing, have inked permanent tributes to the beloved author on their skin. We’ve scoured the Internet for some of the the most impressive Tolkien-inspired tattoos we could find — not counting the scores of designs that are people’s names or favorite sayings written in Elvish — and picked out 20 of our favorite tributes to Middle Earth for you to peruse after the jump. What do you think Gandalf the White would make of all this?

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She wishes she could be done
done with life
done with trying
She wishes there was an easy way
a quick way
a BAM! gone! way
She wonders if anyone will notice
if you’re invisible, no one sees you
if you’re invisible. no one cares
She wonders what it would be like to float away
float without a care
float without a thought
She thinks there’s nothing to lose
no loss to leave
no loss to worry over
She thinks she’ll slit her wrists now
feel the burn
feel the hard, freedom filled, metal
She wants to scream
in frustration and agony
in bliss and fulfillment
She wants to feel real and whole
without the mirage of freedom
without killing every part of her
She is
with being